Underclassmen Pick-Up and Return

Underclassmen Pick Up/Return Items

The week of May 26 - CHS students will return chrome books, chargers, Kajeets, HotSpots, textbooks, novels, and any resources borrowed from teachers. Students will also need to pay any fees/fines. Students will pick up Awards/Certificates, prom t-shirts, Phern t-shirts, Color Run t-shirts, yearbooks, and any personal belongings.

Juniors and Sophomores - May 26

*9am - 11am/11th Last Names: Ahilon to Hill and 10th Last Names: Adams to King

*12pm - 2pm/11th Last Names: Hodges to Reyes-Vannoy and 10th Last Names: Land to Pledger

*3pm - 4pm/11th Last Names: Rhinehart to Zavala and 10th Last Names: Quinones to Zavala 

Freshmen - May 27

*9am - 11am/Last Names: Akrayee to Hope

*12pm - 2pm/Last Names: Hudgens to Ramirez

*3pm - 4pm/Last Names: Redden to Yoder