LSGT Representatives

LSGT Representatives

Congratulations to our newest LSGT representatives, Eric Whelchel and Tiffany Comer.  

Community Members:

2019-20 - Corey Rhodes
2019-21 - Jamie Hutcheson


2019-20 - Ansley Howell
2019-21 - Tyler Thomas


2019-20 - Tiffany Comer
2019-21 - Eric Whelchel

The meetings will be on the following dates:

August 29th
September 26th with PHS
October 24th
November 21st with PHS
December 12th
January 23rd with PHS
February 20th
March 19th with PHS
April 23rd 
May 21st with PHS

All meetings will be at 7:30 a.m. in the school media center. (Please note: meetings with PHS will be held at Pepperell High School in their media center)