93.6% Graduation Rate for Class of 2018!

Class of 2018


Floyd County Schools’ (FCS) four-year graduation rate for the Class of 2018 of 93.6% ranks FCS as one of the top 40 school systems in the state, according to data released today by the Georgia Department of Education. This rate also exceeds the State four-year rate of 81.6%.

"Achieving a historically high graduation rate is no accident,” said John Parker, FCS Executive Director of Academics. “This is the culmination of 13 years of hard work and perseverance by our students. Every single staff member in FCS is focused on fulfilling the promise of destination graduation."

In addition to the system graduation rate topping 93%, all four high schools in the system were also above 90% in the state report. Pepperell High had the highest graduation rate in the system at 97.9%, Armuchee High wasn’t far behind with 93.3%, Model High had a rate of 93%, and Coosa High completed the trend of all county high school graduation rates above 90% at 90.3%.

“I was ecstatic to learn the 2018 Pepperell High Graduation rate earlier this week. Our Graduation rate has steadily increased each of the last seven years to 97.9% for the Class of 2018. This indicator is a clear referendum as to the overall health of our academic and cocurricular programs. This is the culmination of so much hard work by so many people. Not only is this a victory for Pepperell High School, it is also a victory for each or our feeder schools who also played an integral role in assisting these students reach their goal of Destination Graduation! I want to offer my gratitude to each faculty and staff member at Pepperell High School and also each Pre-K through 8th grade teacher and administrator who played a role in assisting our students reach this milestone," said Jamey Alcorn, principal of Pepperell High.

"We’re excited to keep the trend of remaining over 93% for the third year in a row. Once you get between 93 and 95%, it is challenging to see significant increases, but we will continue work hard," added Dr. Jeff Wilson, FCS Superintendent. "Our system mission is 'Destination Graduation for every child' and our teachers, administrators, students, parents and community will keep moving forward with innovations to help each child reach the destination of graduation.