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Coosa High School Celebrates Family and Consumer Sciences on National Dine-In Day

All students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community stakeholders were encouraged to dine in with their family on December 3rd, 2019. December 3rd is considered Dine-In Day as well as Family and Consumer Sciences Day. This date was chosen to honor the birthday of Ellen Swallow Richards, the founder of Home Economics. Dine-In Day is a national celebration that educates and encourages families to prepare a healthy meal together at home.

Ms. Amy Jo Hill's 2nd and 3rd year Family and Consumer Science students prepared a luncheon for the faculty and staff of Coosa High School on Tuesday. They were served a variety of soups and desserts so they could take a moment and enjoy their time together.

This year’s initiative is focused on the “The Turquoise Table”, which concentrates on coming together as a community and putting our differences aside to enjoy a meal together. Kristin Schell the author of the book titled, “The Turquoise Table: Finding Community and Connection in Your Own Front Yard” has taken the Front Yard People Movement around the country as she speaks about what the table symbolizes and what it can be for other communities.

Story contributed by Amy Jo Hill.

CHS sophomores Maribella Guox and Evelyn Davis prepare food.
CHS freshman Abby Martin and sophomore Jahnaya Jackson prepare food.
CHS junior Olivia Vann prepares food.
CHS teachers Nic Hann, Carson Laye, Maria Gray, Anna Ng enjoy their meal and fellowship.
CHS Teachers Chris Parker and Nathan Wehunt enjoy their meal and fellowship.
CHS teachers Totsie Burnes, Kim Beard, Amy Jo Hill.