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FCS Ensemble Theatre Announces Cast for Systemwide Musical

MFL cast

We're excited to announce the cast for the FCS Ensemble Theatre's Systemwide Musical! We can't wait to see this production of "My Fair Lady" as talented teens from our four high schools come together to take the stage as one! Mark your calendars for January 25-27, 2019 at the Model High School Auditorium.

My Fair Lady Cast

  • Eliza Doolittle - Olivia Parker
    • Understudy- Shiloh St. Clair
  • Colonel Pickering- Wil Massey
    • Understudy- Hayden Dancause
  • Henry Higgins-  Zac Mitchell
    • Understudy- Lance Carver
  • Freddy Eynsford Hill- Brayden Keith 
  • Alfred Doolittle- Simeon Greenberg
    • Understudy- Maddox Clay
  • Harry - Hayden Dancause 
  • Jaime - Lance Carver
  • Mrs. Pearce- Shiloh St. Clair
  • Mrs. Higgins- Katie Weatherford
  • Remaining Roles
    • Sarah Carver
    • Maddox Clay
    • Chyanna Pope
    • Savannah Huff
    • Anna Shirley
    • Jada McGill
    • Kirsten deYoung
    • Naomi Meyer
    • Matthew Wright
    • Kaleb Wright