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Superintendent Woods Visited Pepperell Elementary to Recognize the Dragons as Literacy Leaders

Rome, Ga. – State School Superintendent Richard Woods paid a visit to Pepperell Elementary School to recognize them as a Literacy Leader today. 

In September, the Georgia Department of Education and Superintendent Woods announced and recognized 155 schools in the state of Georgia with exceptional achievement or growth in third-grade reading as 2022-23 state Literacy Leaders.

Pepperell Elementary School, one of the 155 leaders, increased their reading levels by 16% from 2021-22 to 2022-23 and was honored today for that outstanding achievement. 

“It was such an honor to be recognized by Superintendent Woods and the Georgia Department of Education for student growth in reading,” said PES principal, Ms. Teri Pendley. “The dedication and determination of our teachers’ hard work is paying off. We look forward to our continued student growth and achievement.”

During a school-wide assembly, Superintendent Woods presented Pepperell Elementary with their Literacy Leader banner and thanked the staff and students for their hard work. He noted that this recognition is one that they will continue to do, as well as, tying in middle grades and the math curriculum. 

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