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Three Floyd County Schools honored as Distinguished Schools for Positive Behavior

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Three Floyd County Schools honored as Distinguished Schools for Positive Behavior 

Rome, Ga. – Garden Lakes Elementary, Johnson Elementary and Model Elementary all have been recognized as a “PBIS Distinguished School” for their implementation of PBIS throughout their schools. 

PBIS, or Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, is an evidence-based, three-tiered framework to improve and integrate all of the data, systems and practices affecting student outcomes every day. 

More than 1,400 Georgia schools and 27,000 nationwide have been trained in PBIS. Floyd County Schools began using PBIS in 2008 and, currently, 14 of the 16 school campuses use the positive behavior program. 

The purpose of the “PBIS Distinguished School” recognition is to identify schools that exemplify best practices in the implementation of PBIS. The level of distinction is based on the tiered training that the school has completed and the number of discipline referrals per year. Distinguished schools meet 6 out of 6 areas on the PBIS rubric.

When implemented properly, PBIS improves social emotional competence, academic success and the overall school climate.

About PBIS

PBIS is a framework for creating safe, positive, equitable schools, where every student can feel valued, connected to the school community and supported by caring adults. By implementing evidence-based practices within a PBIS framework, schools support their students’ academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success, engage with families to create locally-meaningful and culturally-relevant outcomes, and use data to make informed decisions that improve the way things work for everyone.

About Floyd County Schools


The Floyd County School ( system provides opportunities for schools and students to achieve academic excellence. Floyd County teachers focus on academic basics mixed with innovative teaching methods to build a strong foundation for student learning. In Floyd County Schools, the academic programs are available to prepare students for the most demanding college, university, technical college or other post-secondary training. It is the mission of FCS to focus on student growth and achievement by connecting and preparing them for the future, leading to ultimate student success. Located in Rome, Georgia, the school system serves 16 different schools.