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FCS Class of 2022 Outscores National, State SAT Averages

Floyd County Schools' (FCS) Class of 2022 outscored State and National averages on the SAT for the third consecutive year, according to results released this week by the College Board. 

The FCS Class of 2022 earned an average total score of 1077 on the curriculum-based college entrance and placement exam, which exceeds the National public school average by 49 points and the State by 25 points. 

"This speaks highly to the quality education we’re providing here in FCS,” stated FCS superintendent Dr. Glenn White. “I’m extremely proud of the Class of 2022 and the community effort from our families and high school faculties working together for the benefit of our students and their futures.”

The SAT, the most commonly recognized measure of achievement for high school students, measures critical reading and mathematics abilities. It includes two 800-point sections: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing (ERW) and Mathematics (M), with a possible total score of 1600; a third section, a writing exam, is optional. 

All FCS high schools topped or compared with the National Average score of  1028 (ERW 521, M 507). Armuchee, Model and Pepperell beat the State average of 1052 (ERW 536, M 516). Their scores are: Model HS, 1096 (ERW 565, M 531) - the highest average in FCS; Armuchee HS had the second highest scores, 1090 (ERW 552, M 538); and Pepperell HS, 1076 (ERW 547, M 529). Coosa High School compared to the National Average of a mean score of 1028 and was above the national ERW score by 11 points with a ERW score of 532. Math score was 496.

The FCS Class of 2022 average ERW score is 552, and the Math is 525; 20% of the senior class took the SAT exam. Historically, most FCS seniors choose to take the ACT, a different college entrance exam, and some students take both; ACT scores are expected to be released next month.