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A Message from Jason Kouns: Feb 2, 2023

February 2, 2023

RE: Pepper Spray

Dragon Parents/Guardians,

At approximately 8:50 AM, a verbal confrontation occurred between two Pepperell High School students in front of the PHS Media Center.

During the argument, one student pulled Pepper Spray from her jeans pocket, and she dispersed the product at the individual student.  The student that utilized the Pepper Spray was immediately taken into custody by SRO Jim McCormick.  

The product, as intended, did circulate in the air in the immediate vicinity, where approximately 60 students were in the middle of class transition.

Those impacted (respiratory distress/concerns) were treated by PHS Administration, PHS School Nurse, Mrs. Alyssa Rodgers, and by Floyd County Law enforcement.  The PHS custodial team has thoroughly worked to clean the area for any additional contaminants that may have still been present, and the situation has been completely resolved.  

Please remember that possession of Pepper Spray on our campus is considered to be a violation of the Floyd County Schools Disciplinary Handbook, Code Section JCDAE, and is considered to be a weapon. Pepperell High School will treat such with the utmost of severity.  

If you have any specific questions, please direct them to PHS Administration, and/or to PHS SRO, Jim McCormick.

In service,
Jason R. Kouns