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Model High School Student Wins Second Consecutive State Literary Competition

SG Abernathy  EK & SK at State Literary Competition

Sara Grace Abernathy, a junior, won first place in the International Extemporaneous Speaking category for the second year in a row, at the AA State Literary Competition held on March 23. Along with her first-place achievement, Abernathy also earned second place in the Literary Analysis Essay category. Emi Kate Ashworth, also a junior, secured a fourth-place finish in Humorous Interpretation.

"The team did very well this year, and I was excited that these two young ladies qualified for state," said Ms. Jessica Kennedy, MHS Literary Coach. "It's a long day of writing and performing and then waiting for results, but they both kept their spirits up and were so encouraging towards each other."

A lot of hard work goes into preparing for Extemporaneous Speaking. Students are given broad topics and have to research current events for all of those topics. According to Ms. Kennedy, Sara Grace was "on it," and her judges stopped her in the parking lot to praise her for being so confident and knowledgeable. Emi Kate prepared a nine-and-a-half-minute play where she acted alone as six characters. Ms. Kennedy stated, "These ladies are not only hard workers; they want everything to be perfect, so they go above and beyond. I'm very proud of all that they have accomplished."

Ms. Kennedy also credited Mrs. Rachel Jones and Dr. Rob Thompson for the literary team's success. Mrs. Jones prepares the essay writers and extemporaneous speakers, while Thompson coaches the Dramatic Interpretation students.

Model High School competed in the 7AA region literary competition on March 8, where they were co-region champions.