Dr. Laura Timberlake

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    Laura Timberlake
    Director of Federal Programs
    Phone: 706-234-1031 Ext 3045

Angela Chitwood

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    Angela Chitwood
    Administrative Secretary - Federal Programs
    Phone: 706-234-1031 Ext 3003


  • Title I Part A
    Title I is a part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). This act provides federal funds through the Georgia Department of Education to local educational agencies (LEAs) and public schools with high numbers or percentages of economically disadvantaged students to help ensure that all children meet challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards.  
    Funds from this program are used to provide students with supplemental core academic instructional support, additional paraprofessional academic support, supplemental instructional materials and parent involvement initiatives that support Title I Schoolwide Improvement Plans.  One of the major tenets of the Title I program is to increase and maintain parental involvement in the school.
    Title II Part A 
    Title II Part A focuses on preparing, training and recruiting high-quality teachers and principals and requires States to develop plans with annual measurable objectives that will ensure that all teachers teaching in core academic subjects are highly qualified.
    Title II Part B - MSP-Math and Science Partnership
    The MSP Program is a federal formula grant program that funds collaborative partnerships between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) departments at institutions of higher education (IHEs), and high-need school districts. These partnerships provide intensive, content-rich professional development to teachers and other educators, with the goal of improving classroom instruction and, ultimately, student achievement in math and science. Currently, funds are distributed through a formula grant to states which then hold their own competitions to award project funding.
    Federal MSP Page for More Details Available HERE 
    Dates and Events for 2015-16 MSP in Floyd County Schools Available HERE
    For any questions about the Floyd County MSP program please contact: jwhite@floydboe.net
    Math Resources Available HERE
    Title III Part A - LEP
    The English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act, as reauthorized by the 2001 amendments to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is a federally funded educational program.  The purpose of Title III is to ensure that limited English proficient (LEP) students, including immigrant children and youth, develop English proficiency and meet the same academic content and academic achievement standards that other children are expected to meet.  Funds are used to implement language instruction educational programs designed to help LEP students achieve these standards. State educational agencies (SEAs), local educational agencies (LEAs), and schools are accountable for increasing the English proficiency and core academic content knowledge of LEP students.