Floyd County Schools College & Career Academy

  • Greetings and welcome to the 21st Century Learning Institute known as the Floyd County Schools College & Career Academy (CCA). Our goal is to provide high school students a high-quality education in preparation for success in life after high school. Students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on training through career pathways, which includes specialized training in fields such as healthcare, engineering, teaching, technology, criminal justice, welding, agriculture and construction.  

    At the CCA, curriculum extends beyond content to everything in the school —organization, schedules, and even the building itself—but particularly to its project-based learning model, where learners are asked to do more than master core skills. They explore their own thinking, and are encouraged to raise generative questions—questions that create more questions—about project topics and the best ways to learn about them. In addition, each project is designed to incorporate many learning disciplines, to be more relevant to the complex way learning happens in the "real world". In this model, educators play a very different role, using an individual approach with each child to draw learning out of them, while providing support and guidance when it is needed.

    The CCA strives to incorporate technology in all aspects. The advances in technology are moving at warp speed and we are embracing that reality. The internet has expanded access to information, removing both the teacher and student's dependencies on a limited range of information sources. Education is no longer bound by the limits of the teacher, textbook, or the reference books in the school library. Rather, it is limited only by the student's interest. We offer technology in the classroom as well as multiple on-line learning opportunities.

    Additionally, as a high school, we realize that many students are ready to move on to the post-secondary world. Recognition of this and partnerships with post-secondary institutions have led to an increase in dual enrollment over the last three years. Work-based learning opportunities are also a vital component to student success and have expanded greatly over the past few years.

    Our faculty and leadership are committed to the career success of all students, and we believe this begins with a strong education and community support. As we work to continually improve the learning process, we invite shared decision making with our stakeholders, the community, business industry, and post-secondary institutions. We work together to refine our curriculum to meet the needs of our local employers. Our stakeholders support us with their guidance, but they are also an important part of our financial support. This partnership is one of the guiding pillars of our core beliefs and mission.

    At the end of the day we realize that it is a journey that requires a never ending focus on the mission. With that being said we welcome your input, advice, and comment on how we can continue to provide excellence in student achievement.


    Dr. John Rhodarmer, Principal and CEO