Johnson Elementary strives to be a student-centered learning community built on a foundation of excellence in academic success and character development.  

    School Profile Summary 

    Johnson Elementary School (JES) is located in Rome, Georgia, and serves just over 500 students in Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Johnson prides itself on promoting excellence in academics as well as supporting students through their journey of social and emotional development.  At Johnson, teachers, and staff aim to create an environment where students will encounter life-changing education.  

    Johnson Elementary holds a history of community support and parent involvement. Since the current school facility opened in 2001, families have made attending Johnson a tradition.  Decisions based on “What’s best for students?” drive both academic and school-wide collaborations among teachers and administrators.  In planning for student success, Johnson strives to prepare students for the next level of education by implementing a rigorous curriculum and providing plenty of student support and resources for our young learners. 

    With a vision toward success in all content areas, Johnson Elementary implemented the Developing Strategic Writers approach to writing through the genres beginning in 2018.  Teachers embarked on a year-long training that would transform the way writing instruction was delivered.  Through the use of Developing Strategic Writers, students were instructed to practice a higher level of thinking and reading skills to successfully develop authentic writing throughout the content areas.  At JES, students from kindergarten through fifth grade are developing critical writing skills that will support their academic progress well beyond their grade-school years. It is through a commitment to excellence, that Johnson Elementary paves the way for future leaders and life-long learners who will thrive through life’s journey. 

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