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Student Information

Marné Wilson
Director of Student Information
Phone: 706.234.1031 Ext 3055


Department of Student Services Staff

Amy Millhollan

Amy Millhollan

Administrative Assistant | Student Information & Technology
David Reeves

David Reeves

Powerschool System Analyst

Who We Are

The Student Services Department at Floyd County Schools is dedicated to managing and overseeing all aspects of student information and data collection within the district. Our mission is to ensure the accuracy, security, and accessibility of student data, which is vital for effective educational planning and student success. We are committed to providing comprehensive support for the registration process, state reporting, and data management systems like PowerSchool. Our team works diligently to maintain precise records and facilitate seamless data access for educators, administrators, and families, ultimately fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

What We Do

In the Student Services Department for Floyd County Schools, we handle a variety of essential functions to support students and staff. Our responsibilities include managing student registration and ensuring a smooth and efficient process for new and returning students. We are responsible for the accurate collection of data required for state reporting, ensuring compliance with all state guidelines and regulations. We provide data access and analysis to support informed decision-making within the district. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support and troubleshooting for PowerSchool, the district’s student information system, ensuring it operates effectively to track and manage student data. Through these efforts, we aim to support the academic and administrative needs of our school community.


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