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Instructional Technology

Celena Arrington
Director of Instructional Technology &
Online Learning/School Library Programs
Phone: 706.234.1031 Ext 3001


Instructional Technology Staff

Kayla Brendel

Kayla Brendel

Instructional Technology Specialist | Middle/High
Mandy Buckenham

Mandy Buckenham

Instructional Technology Specialist | Elementary
Aleks Segal

Aleks Segal

Instructional Technology Specialist | High
Janie Shiflett

Janie Shiflett

Instructional Technology Specialist | Elementary

Welcome to the Department of Instructional Technology

The purpose of Instructional Technology is to provide student-centered, engaging, collaborative learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners. Floyd County Schools supports an environment where technology is effectively integrated throughout the curriculum through digital strategies, technological enhancements to drive engaging learning, and a wealth of resources for students and teachers. This allows us to create innovative learning experiences for all students. In our district, we have allocated devices from kindergarten to 12th grade to provide innovative classroom experiences for our students.


Roles and Responsibilities of Instructional Technology Specialists:

The Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS) for Floyd County Schools provide support to teachers and instructional staff so that technology is effectively integrated into teaching and learning in all classrooms. The purpose of the ITS is to provide assistance to teachers and instructional staff with the integration of technology, support curriculum development as it relates to instructional technology, and train teachers to use technology effectively in the classroom.  

Floyd County School Instructional Technology Specialists take on many different roles: teacher, collaborator, leader, communicator, and problem-solver.  Instructional Technology specialists collaborate with teachers, model instructional strategies while incorporating instructional technology, support best practices for teaching and learning, develop instructional resources, and research emerging instructional technology tools. The main focus of the work of ITS is to directly impact instruction by integrating technology effectively. 

ITS support initiatives from multiple sources, including both district and school-level administrators. Job tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborate with teachers to determine which instructional technology tools best support an instructional idea, lesson, or strategy.

  • Assist teachers with using their data to create rigorous lessons that support student needs.

  • Design and lead professional learning that is relevant to the instructional technology tools and initiatives of Floyd County Schools.

  • Co-teach with teachers when they are trying a new technology in the classroom.

  • Model revolutionary uses of instructional technologies.

  • Support the Responsible Use Guidelines for technology and educate staff on best practices when using technology.

  • Provide support to students, parents, and teachers in the use of various software programs and digital resources.

  • Act as a liaison between the school district and the school as related to instructional technology initiatives.

  • Research emerging technologies that support teaching and learning.