• Apply to a College or University?

    ● Go to the official website of the college or university. Check to see if you meet admission requirements regarding academic GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Also, check for the application deadline. Each college/university sets their own deadline.

         ○ As of now, the University System of Georgia will require SAT / ACT scores for admission for Fall 2022. Check requirements carefully for the college(s) for which you plan to apply.

    ● Look for a link such as Apply Now or Apply on the Admissions page and follow instructions. Some applications are short (i.e. GHC) and others lengthy (i.e. UGA), so an applicant may save and go back later to complete and submit the application. Application fees vary from $25 to $75 or more. A charge card or debit card may be used. After submitting your application:

         ○ Ask the counselors to submit your high school transcript to the college.

         ○ Send your DE transcript, if applicable, directly from the DE college’s Transcript Request page.

         ○ If required, have your ACT or SAT scores sent to the college directly from your ACT or SAT account.

    After submitting your application, regularly Check Your Admission Status on the college Admissions web page. A link will be available allowing you to do this. This is the first line of communication from the college to you. This is where you can find what you still need to do or provide in the application process.