• Questions and Answers

    Pearson Third-Party Data Security Incident

    Exactly what happened?
    FCS was notified that one of its contractors, Pearson Clinical Assessment, has suffered a data security incident in an older version of their AIMSweb system. Floyd County Schools has not contracted with Pearson (AIMSWeb) since July 2015.

    Information on AIMSweb servers was accessed by an unauthorized third party. This information includes the first and last names of some students and staff members, and in some of those cases, the students’ dates of birth.

    Some staff members’ email address information was also accessed.

    Whose information was accessed?
    This incident impacts 5,900 students enrolled at FCS and 500 FCS employees who were AIMSWeb users between 2008 and 2015. 

    When did this happen?
    November of 2018. FCS was provided notice by Pearson on July 24, 2019.

    Why are we being notified now?
    It is common for an incident like this to not be discovered for many months. Public disclosure may also be delayed while law enforcement conducts investigations into the incident.

    What information was accessed?
    Students’ first and last names were accessed. In some of the cases, birthdates were also exposed during this incident. A small number of staff members’ names and email addresses were also exposed. Further identifying information was not revealed and has not been compromised.

    What should I do if I or my children were enrolled during the school years impacted by this event?
    Every person must carefully consider their own course of action in all matters of privacy. Pearson is offering access to credit monitoring services for any individual who believes they may be impacted. No verification is required beyond the instructions provided HERE. This is a third-party data incident that did not occur on Floyd County Schools' servers. Please reference the links Pearson provided for more details. 

    How can I tell if my name or birthday was included in the compromised information?
    The information is old and not specific enough for the District to identify exactly who has been impacted. We would recommend that all persons who have been enrolled or employed at FCS between 2008 and 2015 act on the assumption that their information may have been included. Please reference the links Pearson provided for more details.