• Print a Copy of Transcript Request

    To comply with FERPA regulations (legal laws pertaining to confidential information), we must have a signature before we can process a request for transcript. You can do this in one of three ways:

      1. Walk-Ins - Please see the receptionist for a transcript request form. Please complete the form and leave it with the receptionist.
      2. Letter - Mail your request with your $5.00 check to the following address: 
        Floyd County Board of Education 
        600 Riverside Parkway, NE 
        Rome, Georgia 30161
      3. FAX - All FAX requests should be sent to 706-236-1824, ATTN: RECEPTIONIST
        You can bring your $5.00 fee when you pick up your request or mail it to the above address.

    We do not accept transcript requests over the phone or by email.

    We will need the following information in your fax or letter:

      1. Your complete name at the time of graduation. (maiden name, if applicable)
      2. Your date of birth.
      3. The last Floyd County school that you attended.
      4. The last year that you attended a Floyd County school or your graduation date. Please, state whether you graduated or not.
      5. Your daytime phone number and address to which the transcript should be mailed.
      6. Your signature MUST be on the request for your transcript letter.
      7. Please include the $5.00 (Alumni) or $20.00 (Businesses) processing fee and the checks are to be made out to the Floyd County Board of Education (FCBOE). You must drop this by the office or you can mail it with your request.

    Only the person whose record is being requested may sign for it.

    We will attempt to process your request on the same day. However, please know that some transcript requests may take up to 48 hours. If the form is incomplete, or is not signed, the transcript request cannot be processed.

    You may pick up your transcript at the Floyd County Board of Education Office or we can mail the transcript to the address specified on the request. If there are any problems with processing your transcript, we will call you.