Nevin Jones

Dr. Nevin Jones

  • Model High School 1942-1946
    Graduated in May 1946 at age 16...President of Senior Class

    • Earned a letter in four sports, football (only year Model had football), basketball 4 years, baseball 4 years, track 4 years. Played on Model's first football team in 1945 playing offensive and defensive end every minute of every game for the season catching at least one touchdown pass in each game during season.
    • Was Co-Captain of the team.
    • Starter on basketball team for three years, captain senior year. Was usually 1st or 2nd high point player in most games.
    • Played several positions in baseball, pitcher, shortstop, and outfield. Leading hitter on the team.
    • Was member of Brighton team in Northwest Georgia Textile League beginning in summer of 1944.
    • In track, ran sprints, relays and broad jump winning several events in track meets.
    • Ran 10.0 second 100 yard dash at least once.
    • Won second place in broad jump in state track meet in both 1945 and 1946.
    • Named "Best Boy Athlete" at Model in 1945-46.
    • Offered a minor league baseball contract by St. Louis Cardinals upon completion of high school in 1946. Declined because he would have been ineligible to compete in any sports in college.
    • Played end on West Georgia College football team in 1947.
    • Began playing fro Brighton in the Northwest Georgia Textile League. In 1944 at the age of 14 (turned 15 in July). Had .300 batting average for the season. Played for Brighton 1944-47, for Anchor Rome in 1948, for Lindale in 1949 and for Brighton again in 1950-42.
    • During military service from 1953-54 played Division level baseball for 5th division Artillery in Southern Germany. Played end (mostly defense) in football for 5th division Artillery in 1953.
    • Refereed military division level basketball games all over Southern Germany during the 1953-54 season. Was presented a Commendation for "superior ability" and "fine accomplishment" during the 1953-54 athletic seasons in baseball and football.
    • Served as Co-coach, along with Sam Talley, of the Shannon Little League All-stars to win over the National League All-Stars.
    • Coached at Model 1945-50, 1951-52 and 1954-55 as an assistant football coach in football, varsity baseball, varsity track. Also, coached varsity girls' basketball at various times.
    • As an administrator (principal) was responsible for interviewing, selecting and recommending coaches to the superintendent of Schools for approval by the Board of Education. Had overall supervision of the athletic program. As Superintendent, responsible for approval and recommendation of coaches for Board approval including responsibility for developing system budgeting coaches' salary supplements, facilities, equipment, etc. for school athletic programs.