• Local School Governance Team

  • What is a Local School Governance Team?

    A Local School Governance Team (LSGT) in each school is the method the school system will use to get the community, parents and teachers involved in decision making to maximize educational opportunities for children. Each LSGT will seek to provide the best possible learning environment for the children in their community.



    What is a Local School Governance Team member required to do?

    • Serves a two-year term

    • Work to improve student achievement and performance

    • Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community

    • Act as a link between the LSGT and the community

    • Maintain a school-wide perspective in issues

    • Regularly participate in LSGT meetings

    • Participate in informational and training programs



    What type of decisions will the Governance Teams make?

    The local teams will make meaningful decisions that will impact the education of children in our community. Decisions will include budget and staffing for local schools




    Who makes up The Governance Team?

    The LSGT is made up of the principal, 2 parents - elected by school parents (must be a parent of a child currently enrolled in the school and the parent would have a child enrolled in the school for the entire two-year term), 2 community leaders - appointed by the LSGT(a business partner or community leader with an interest in the school) and 2 faculty members. Students - Middle and high schools will also include student participation in a manner decided by the schools




    How can you get involved?

    Complete the candidate form (link is below), contact your school principal and express an interest in being a member of the Local School Governance Team (LSGT). Parent elections can be held from May until August for the upcoming school year.


    Click this link to download the candidate form

Current LSGT Members

  • Parent Members:  
         Kelli Gonzalez
         Brittany Kisor
    Teacher Members:
         Kim Owens
         Phil Wood
    Community Members:
         Billy Carver
         Daphne Nutter
         Lynn Rayburn

Dates of LSGT Meetings

  • August 27
    September 24
    October 18 @ 8:00 am (Coosa Area meeting)
    November 12
    December 17
    January 28
    February 25
    March 24
    April 28
    May 26 @ 8:30 am

2019 Parent Rep Candidates

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