Weekly Activity Messenger

Monday, October 27:

  • Alto Park Elementary:   October 27 -31 is Red Ribbon Week, Students will participate in daily themed activities about being "Drug Free".

  • Cave Spring Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  Students, faculty and staff will be wearing red to kick off Red Ribbon Week.

  • Floyd County Schools:  The month of October is Parent Conference Month.

  • Garden Lakes Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Team Up Against Drugs!” - Students are encouraged to wear their favorite team jersey or sports shirt.

  • Midway Primary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Love Yourself and Live Drug Free”  Everyone wears red.

  • Model Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “My Future is Bright:  Drug Free!”  Wear college clothing or dress up as future career.

  • Model Middle:  Red Ribbon Week.  Camo Day (wear your camouflage).  “Join the fight against drugs!

  • Pepperell Primary:  (5 - 8 p.m.)  "Moo Monday" at Chick-Fil-A ~ Come show your school spirit and dine with us from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.  

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Adairsville Pumpkin Patch.   

Celebrate Red Ribbon Week ~ "Not Just For A Week, But For Life!"  Students will wear red, red, red and receive a drug free bracelet.

  • Pepperell Middle:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Give drugs the Boot!” - Wear your boots (country, farm or western wear).

Tuesday, October 28:

  • Cave Spring Elementary:  Students, faculty and staff will be wearing jeans in honor of Red Ribbon Week. The slogan for the day is:  "I'm a jeanius! I'm Drug Free!"

  • Coosa Middle:  (3:30)  LSGT meeting.

  • Garden Lakes Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Put a Cap on Drugs” - Students are encouraged to wear a cap to school.

  • Midway Primary:  (7:30 a.m.)  LSGT meeting.  To be held in the Conference Room.

Red Ribbon Week.  Swat Drugs” – everyone wears camo.

  • Model Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Catch the Wave of a Drug Free Life!”  Wear Hawaiian attire!

  • Model Middle:  (7 a.m.)  LSGT meeting.  To be held in the conference room.

Red Ribbon Week.  Twin Day - “Friends help friends be drug free!”

  • Pepperell Primary:  "Sock It To Drugs!" Students wear crazy socks and receive a red ribbon.  Pep Rally at PHS with the high school cheerleaders cheering the students on to be drug free!

  • Pepperell Middle:  (1:30 p.m.) Pep Rally.  Red Ribbon Week.  “Staying Drug Free Through the Decades” - Decade Day (wear your favorite outfit from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s).

  • Floyd County Schools: (3 p.m.)  Teacher Advisory meeting at the central office

  • Floyd County Schools: (5 p.m.)  Teacher are invited to meet in the board room at the central office to discuss the charter renewal application.

Wednesday, October 29:

  • Cave Spring Elementary:  Students at Cave Spring Elementary will wear their pajamas in honor of Red Ribbon Week.  The slogan for the days is:  "Follow your Dreams and not Drugs".

  • Garden Lakes Elementary:  (7:30 a.m.)  LSGT meeting.  To be held in Mrs. Campbell’s room. Red Ribbon Week.  Be Drug Free and Wear Red” - All students are encouraged to wear red to celebrate being healthy and drug free.

  • Midway Primary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Put a cap on drugs!”  Everyone wears jeans and baseball caps.

  • Model Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “I Mustache You Not to Use Drugs!”  Wear “Mustache” attire.

  • Model Middle:  Red Ribbon Week.  Way Back Wednesday (wear clothing from a past decade)

“Throw drugs away!”

  • Pepperell Primary:  "Peace Out! Love, not Drugs!  Students will wear 70's clothing.

  • Pepperell Middle:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Stay Drug Free to see Where Life Can Take You!”  Destination Day (wear your favorite destination t-shirt or outfit.)

Thursday, October 30:

  • Cave Spring Elementary:   Students will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week by wearing camouflage to "Join the Fight Against Drugs!"

  • Garden Lakes Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Real Heros are Drug Free” - Students are encouraged to wear their favorite superhero shirt.

  • Midway Primary:  (9 a.m.)  Bee Celebration for those students recognized for following the Bee Rules – Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Neat.  To be held in the gym.

Red Ribbon Week:  “Love not Drugs” – Hippie Day! Go back to the 70’s and dress like a hippie.

  • Model Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “I Can Make Good Choices:  Drug Free!”  Wear a cap and bring in can foods for the upcoming Can-A-Thon!

  • Model High:  (7:30 a.m.)  LSGT meeting.

  • Model Middle:  (3 - 5 p.m.)  Halloween Dance.  Red Ribbon Week.  Team Spirit Day -  “Teaming up to be drug free!”

  • Pepperell Primary:   "Be A Superhero - Don't Do Drugs!" Students may wear a superhero t-shirt.

  • Pepperell Middle:  Red Ribbon Week. “Stay in the Game!  Be Drug Free!”  Team Spirit Day (Wear clothing or hat from your alma mater, school you hope to graduate from or favorite college team.)

  • Pepperell Middle: (4 - 6 p.m.) First Annual Math Night for Sixth Graders.  We will be sharing resources that you and your student can use at home to help with homework, studying, basic understanding, or test preparation.  We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to spend the evening with your student and their math teachers.  Hope to see you there!

  • Floyd County Schools: (3 p.m.)  The community is invited to a public meeting to discuss the Floyd County Schools charter system renewal application.

Friday, October 31:

  • Cave Spring Elementary:  (2 p.m.)  Trunk or Treat in front of the school.  Students will wear their Halloween costumes to "Scare Away Drugs!" in honor of Red Ribbon Week.

  • Garden Lakes Elementary:  (9 a.m.)  Red Ribbon Week.  “Hocus Pocus drugs aren’t my focus” - Students are encouraged to wear orange/black for Halloween.  We will have our annual Garden Lakes Red Ribbon Drug Free Parade around the big lake at 9 a.m.

  • Midway Primary:  (12:30 p.m.)  Trunk or Treat.  Red Ribbon Week.  “Hugs for you and others because we’re drug free!”   Wear costumes (no masks or toy weapons).

  • Model Elementary:  Red Ribbon Week.  “My Character Counts:  I’m Drug Free!”  Dress up as your favorite book or movie character.  Winners will be selected from each grade as wearing the best Character wear.

  • Model Middle:   Red Ribbon Week.  Halloween Outfit - “Giving drugs the scare!”  (Halloween outfits cannot have masks and must meet the dress code requirements.)

  • Pepperell Primary:   "Spook Away Drugs!"  Students may wear their costumes for           Trunk-or-Treat!

  • Pepperell Middle:  Red Ribbon Week.  “Hocus Pocus!  Drugs are not our focus!”  Halloween Outfits (Halloween outfits cannot have masks and must meet the dress code requirements.) (3:30 - 5 p.m.) After school dance.