Social Security Number Request

No student shall be denied enrollment in the Floyd County School System for declining to provide his or her social security number or for declining to apply for such a number.

The Superintendent shall insure that reasonable and sufficient public notice is given each year, in English and any other language prevalent in the school system, of the information required for students who will enter school in the Floyd County Schools.  Such public notice shall include the statement above.

The Superintendent shall establish procedures whereby, at the time of initial enrollment or at the beginning of the school year for a student already enrolled but who has not provided the school system with a Social Security number, and in a language appropriate for the parent, guardian, student or person enrolling the student:
  1. A social security number is requested.
  2. It is made clear that providing the social security number is voluntary.
  3. State the purpose for which the social security number will be used.
  4. Cite the provisions of law which authorizes the school system to request the students' social security number (20-2-150(d)).
  5. A means of requesting a waiver of the social security number requirement is provided.
The Superintendent shall insure that student social security numbers are treated in the same confidential manner as all other records and in accordance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

The Superintendent shall also provide for assigning a temporary number to a student who is applying for a social security number, or a permanent student identification number if a social security number will not be provided.

Board Policy: JBC(3)