Drivers Education
Floyd County students will register through their school. 
Rome High & Darlington students will register through their school. 
All other counties will register through the Floyd County Board of Education.

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The fee for the class is $195.00.
Registration Dates:
  • March 3, 2014 for the Summer Sessions

Students must be at least 15 years old and hold a valid learner’s permit to be eligible to enroll in the class.

Week# Date Time Facility Attendees
May 28-31
(Classroom Only)

8:00 – 3:30
Wed - Sat
Pepperell High AHS
Other Counties
2 June 2-5
(Classroom & Driving)
Driving for the students who
 took the classroom May 28-31 session. 
8:00 – 3:30
Mon - Thurs.
Pepperell High
Classroom/County Office Range Driving
3 June 9-12 8:00 – 3:30
Mon. - Thurs.
Pepperell High MHS

The above chart shows:

  1. 1st Week, May 28-31 Designated to Armuchee High, Darlington, and other counties and home school students; Classroom only, driving portion will be June 2-5 or June 9-12
  2. 2nd week, June 2-5 Designated to: Coosa High and Pepperell High Students
  3. 3rd week, June 9-12, designated to: Model High and Rome High students

The Driver Education Program consists of thirty hours of classroom instruction, four hours of range, two hours of road driving, sixteen hours of observation, and eight hours of homework for a total of sixty hours.  Range driving begins June 2 and concludes by June 14, 2014, and will be held in the parking area across from the Floyd County Board of Education.  Students will be given specific instructions about their range and road driving on the first day of class. The range driving and road driving will, if possible, be scheduled for the week FOLLOWING their classroom instruction. Road driving in town will also conclude June 21, 2014, and will also be scheduled with their classroom instructor.  

Please Note: Students who miss their scheduled time slot for their range or road driving will be charged an additional $25.00 per hour missed. Lunch and breakfast will not be provided. Please bring your own lunch to class.

Registration: Summer registration begins March 4, 2014. Floyd County students will register through their school. rome High and Darlington students will register through their school. All other outside counties will register through the Floyd County Central Office. To register, contact Lacie Hardigree at (706) 234-1031, ext. 7149. 

If you are unable to attend the week that is designated for your school/area, please check with your school representative or Lacie Hardigree at (706) 234-1031.

Upon successful completion of the requirements, each student who has completed the eighth grade may receive one-half Carnegie unit of credit if it is their choice to receive a numerical grade between 70-100 for this course. Otherwise, the student may choose to recieve a pass/fail grade that will not affect their GPA. 


  1. FEE:  $195.00
  2. Students must be at least 15 years old and hold a valid learner’s permit to be eligible to enroll in the class.
  3. Student must bring pencils, pens, and loose leaf paper  to class.
  4. Notebooks will be provided.
  5. Cancellations after registering will be charged a $25.00 fee.
  6. ALL refunds will be mailed all at one time after the Driver Ed classes have been held.
  7. Students missing their range or road driving ‘hour slot’ will be charged an additional $25.00 fee PER HOUR MISSED.
  8. Checks should be made payable to the student’s school, unless the student is from an outside county (Polk, Bartow, etc. – they should be made payable to Floyd County Board of Education or FCBOE.
  9. Breakfast and Lunch will NOT be provided.  Students must bring their lunch from home during the classroom instruction.


Turn paperwork in to the student’s school, unless outside of Floyd County;
They will turn their paperwork in to the county office to:

ATTN: Lacie Hardigree 
2013 Drivers Education Program
Floyd County Schools
600 Riverside Parkway
Rome, Georgia 30161
(706) 234-1031 ext.7149