Weekly Activity Messenger

Saturday, September 24:

  • Armuchee Middle:  Competition Cheerleading Team competes at the Ringgold Invitational  

  • Armuchee High:  (1 - 9 p.m.)  9th Annual Armuchee Invitational -  The high school band invitational will feature 19 bands from Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina! The entire campus will be closed for the day to all traffic. The Invitational is expected to attract 4500 students, directors, spectators, and press on the Armuchee campus during the day. Coosa, Model, and Pepperell will compete along with bands from throughout the region during the day.  The Armuchee band will perform in exhibition in the evening prior to the start of awards. Admission is $7 for those six and older.  Floyd County employee ID badges will not be accepted for admission. Schedule of performances

  • Coosa High:  (8 a.m. - 12 p.m)  Saturday School.  The school will be held in the CHS cafeteria.

  • Coosa High:  (All Day)  Volleyball  (JV) at Darlington.

  • Coosa Middle:  (10 a.m.)  Cheer Competition at Woodland.

  • Model Elementary:  (6 p.m.)  MES will hold the first ever Model's Got Talent.  The event will be held in the Model High Auditorium.  Tickets are $2 for students, and $5 for adults.  The show will showcase talents of teachers and students as the school seeks to raise funds for Model Elementary's Positive Behavior Intervention Support Team. The funds raised will be utilized to provide student incentives and supports to further enrich our House System/ PBIS plan.  The program seeks to maximize each child's learning potential and reinforce positive behaviors.

  • Model Middle:  (9 a.m.)  MMS Cheerleading Competition at Woodland.

  • Model High:  (8 a.m. - 12 p.m.)  Saturday School.


Monday, September 26:

  • Armuchee Middle:  (4:20 p.m.)   Volleyball at CMS.

  • Coosa High:  PLC meetings during planning periods - teachers collaborate to analyze classroom data to make informed decisions about instructional strategies. Social Studies teachers meet with Dr. Gary Ross in an ongoing study of gender bias and its effects on student learning.

  • Coosa High:  (1:30 - 8:30 p.m.)   Senior picture make ups.

  • Coosa High:  (5:30 p.m.)  Softball at Armuchee High School.

  • Pepperell Elementary:  School-wide Mindset Lesson’s focus:  100% Accountable-Grow Through Life!

  • Model Middle: Band Fruit Fundraiser begins.  Orders will be taken through October 14th.

Tuesday, September 27:

  • Armuchee Middle:  (4:45 p.m.)  Football at Darlington.

  • Armuchee Middle:  (TBA)  Cross Country Area Meet at Pepperell.

  • Coosa Middle:  (3:30 p.m.)  LSGT meeting.  The meeting will be held in Room #:  1602.

  • Coosa High:  (5 p.m.)  Volleyball hosting Rockmart High School.

  • Coosa High:  (5 p.m.)  Cross County at Cedartown

  • Coosa High: (3:30 p.m.) CHS Art Club Meeting - The club called “Elite Artists” meets every Tuesday after school until 5 p.m.

  • Model High:  (5 p.m.)  JV and varsity volleyball vs. Armuchee and Pepperell at Armuchee.

  • Model Middle: (4:45 p.m.) MMS Football at Rockmart  

Wednesday, September 28:

  • Coosa High:  (5:30 p.m.)  Softball hosting Chattooga County.

  • Garden Lakes Elementary:  (8:30 a.m.)  Mentor Breakfast - Mentors are invited to a special breakfast with their students.  The event will be held in the media center.

  • Model Elementary:  (7:30 a.m.)  LSGT meeting.  The meeting will be held in the media center.

  • Model Elementary:  First 9 weeks' behavior incentive reward "Football Frenzy" during En'Core classes.

  • Model Middle: (7:30 a.m.) See You at the Pole

  • Model Middle: (4 p.m.) MMS Volleyball FCAA Championship at Darlington

Thursday, September 29:

  • Armuchee Middle:  (9 a.m. - 2:50 p.m.)  Sixth-grade to visit Rock City.

  • Coosa High:  (5:30 p.m.)  JV football at Armuchee High School.

  • Floyd County Schools:  (9 a.m.)  All 3rd - 5th grade Gifted students - American The Dream - a program designed to foster a greater awareness of American History.  The event will be held at the Rome City Auditorium.  If you have any questions, please call McCall Govignon at 706-234-1031.

  • Model High:  (5 p.m)  Varsity Volleyball vs. Darlington at Darlington.

  • Model High:  (5:30 p.m.)  JV Football at Pepperell.

  • Pepperell Elementary:  (12 - 2 p.m.)  Sweet Frog visit for PBIS Rewards Day!

  • Pepperell Primary:  HOEDOWN - PBIS Renaissance Celebration -  This PBIS incentive is for all students who have earned enough renaissance checks for the first nine weeks of school.  Parents are invited to attend.  YEA HAW!

  • Pepperell Middle:  (7:30 a.m.)  LSGT meeting.  The meeting will be held in the media center.

  • Model Middle: 6th-grade Fantastic Friday on Thursday!  Outside activity time for those students who have shown exemplary behavior and turned in all of their assignments.

Friday, September 30:

  • Floyd County Schools:  Teacher Planning Day/Student Holiday

  • Coosa High:  (7 p.m.)   Football HOMECOMING hosting Armuchee.

  • Model High:  (7:30 p.m.)  - Football vs. Pepperell (Homecoming).

Saturday, October 1

  • High Schools:  (All Day)  Softball Region Tournament.

  • Coosa High:  (All Day)  Volleyball hosting Region Tournament.

  • Coosa High:  (8 - 11 a.m.)  Cross Country at Darlington Cross Country Festival.

  • Coosa High:  (8 p.m.)  HOMECOMING Dance.  To be held in the cafeteria.

  • Model High:  (8:45 a.m.)  Cross Country Darlington Festival at Darlington.

  • Model High:   Volleyball Area Tournament. Location and time to be determined.