Employee Benefits

When you come to work at Floyd County Schools, you'll enjoy the most generous and comprehensive employee benefits options available. Our benefits include: group and retirement, and counselors are available to help you choose the best benefit coverage for you and your family.

Group Benefits

Six (6) Basic Health Care Options - where, after our contribution, you can purchase full family coverage for less than $185/month. Individual coverage is less than $75.

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Complete Paycheck Protection
    • Sick Leave
    • Short-term Disability
    • Long-term Disability
  • Optional Group Term Life- Low-Cost and Easy to Get
  • Low-Cost Group Cancer Coverage

Your contributions toward Health Care, Dental, Vision and Cancer Coverage can all be made with "before-tax" dollars, so you'll avoid taxes on any contributions to these plans.

In addition, we offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) - that enable you to fund and pay for the cost of dependent day care and un-reimbursed health costs with before tax dollars - saving you taxes and maximizing your take-home pay.


Every employee has one of two retirement plans in which to be included in when working with us.

For Certified and Administrative Staff:
  • You will participate in the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia - a defined benefit retirement plan - that will pay you a benefit based on your earnings right before retirement and your years of service. Unlike most employers' plans, your benefit is not dependent on the stock market doing well. The plan guarantees your benefit.
  • You will also be able to save even more for retirement in one of our optional retirement savings plans. Save and invest before-taxes to build your account for retirement needs and additional income.



For Classified Staff:
  • You will participate in the Public School Employees Retirement System - a defined benefit retirement plan - that will pay you a retirement benefit of $14 each month for each year of service in addition to Social Security.
  • In addition, the Board contributes an additional $25 each month to your retirement savings and matches your contributions, dollar for dollar, up to 2% of your pay.

  As an employee of Floyd County Schools, you'll not only have a rewarding career and competitive compensation. You'll also have great benefits to protect and leverage your pay.