Snowmen on Parade
Pepperell Primary Snowmen on Parade at local Starbucks
Posted on 12/01/2016
Snowmen on display at local Starbucks
You would not think that hot coffee and snowmen would go together very well but Pepperell Primary kindergarten children and a local Starbucks are proving them to be a great combination.  If you visit the Starbucks on Riverside Parkway in Rome during the month of December, you will see "Snowmen on Parade."  The snowmen are the creations of kindergarten children at Pepperell Primary School in Lindale.

The snowmen were created in Melissa Harvil's art class at Pepperell Primary.  It is a project she has worked on with kindergarten children since she came to the school 12 years ago. "I encourage them to be creative and make them how they would like to build a snowman, so there is a lot of diversity in what they come up with," Harvil said. "Some of them are girls, some are boys, some designed to be artists, wizards, dancers, and many other things.  
The snowmen are made of clay and it takes two art classes for the kindergarten children to complete the winter creations.  The children sculpt the snowmen on day one.  Ms. Harvil then fires or heats the artwork to harden the clay.  The next art class the children paint their snowmen to apply the final colorful touches to their work of art.  

Jonathan Luttrell, the store manager at Starbucks, gives the little artists coupons for free hot chocolate and he loves to see them bring their family in to find their snowman.  "He says that he loves watching them come in and get excited about finding their snowmen on display," Harvil added. "Sometimes they tell him which one is theirs."

After the display is taken down at the end of December, the snowmen are returned to Pepperell Primary and Ms. Harvil gives the artwork back to the children. The children are delighted that the snowmen have brought back a little reminder of their visit to Starbucks when they return to Pepperell Primary. "They are really happy to discover that their snowmen smell good when they get them," commented Harvil. "They smell like coffee and they love that."

Video of "Snowmen on Parade" at Starbucks by Zach Battles, a teacher at Pepperell Primary.