RICO Arrests
Arrests are made in RICO investigation
Posted on 06/09/2016
Dr. John Jackson

According to police reports, 10 arrests have been made today in the case of alleged theft of funds from the school system.  The case has been ongoing for more than a year related to reported thefts uncovered from the system.  According to media reports of the investigation, the reported thefts took place over approximately a ten year period.  Three of the ten arrested were former school system employees. 

Dr. John Jackson, superintendent of Floyd County Schools, reacted to the arrests with the following statement:

“Floyd County Schools appreciates our partnership with participating law enforcement agencies as we work to ensure the most effective use of all education resources for the children of our community. We have had open cooperation with the investigative agencies and we are thankful for their efforts. 

The investigation by local law enforcement is open and ongoing and representatives from the Floyd County Police Department have the most up-to-date information related to the case.  Any statements related to the case would need to come from a law enforcement agency. 

For the school system, we are recovering from the trauma that has been inflicted on the system and the community through this ordeal.  New procedures and processes are in place to improve protection of funds entrusted to educate children and those new procedures are working.  However, we understand that it is vital that the system is vigilant in continuous reviews of purchasing procedures.  Remaining ever watchful over education funding is the key to ensuring that maximum resources are available in the classroom for the benefit of our children.”