2015 Graduation Rate
Floyd County graduation rate tops 90 percent
Posted on 11/09/2015
The graduation rate for Floyd County Schools has topped 90 percent in the latest release of graduation data by the Georgia Department of Education.  The release on Monday morning put the graduation rate for Floyd County Schools at 90.3 percent for 2015 which is over seven percent above last year's record rate of 83 percent.  The graduation rate for Floyd County Schools is more than 11 percent higher than the state graduation rate of 78.8 percent.  "This is a day of celebration for our school system, our community, and the families of each additional graduate who has crossed the stage to receive a high school diploma," proclaimed George Bevels, chairman of the Floyd County Board of Education. "Every additional graduate results in a teen better prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world and that benefits the graduate, their family, and our entire community."  

In addition to the system topping 90 percent graduation, two high schools were also above 90 percent in the state report. Coosa High had the highest graduation rate in the system at 93.1 percent - a 10 percent gain over last year and more than 20 percent higher over a four year period.  Armuchee High was close behind with 92 percent for 2015 which was over an eight percent gain compared to 2014.  Model High School saw a significant increase of over 11 percent for a four-year period with a rate of 88.8 percent for 2015.  Pepperell High School was also up significantly with a graduation rate of 87.1 percent - more than a 14 percent gain since 2012.

A little over two years ago, the system worked with teachers, parents and business leaders to identify improvement in the graduation rate as the top goal and mission for the school system.  The community outlined five objectives to help reach the goal including:
  • Building relationships with parents, business leaders and the community to support the concept of high school graduation for all children.
  • Ensuring all children meet grade level standards
  • Reducing the impact of retention on children
  • Making school and courses relevant to children
  • Providing pathways to graduation that work for everyone 
When "Destination Graduation for every child" was set as the mission of Floyd County Schools by the board, teachers, parents and the community, 90 percent was a target on the way to success for every child. The system has met that target well ahead of schedule. "It requires everyone in the school system involved in the process to make this early success possible," stated John Jackson, interim superintendent for Floyd County Schools. "It takes everyone from the early grades to high school working together for students to achieve this rate of success." 

The addition of academic interventionist at the high school level has made a significant impact on early graduation numbers for the system.  The funding from federal Title 1 was adjusted to focus some of the resources on system high schools and students at risk of dropping out of school.  The position gave each school a caring adult to assist students at risk of not making it to graduation.  "A lot of it is about building relationships with students," said Beth Wade, academic interventionist at Coosa High School. "We work as a motivator for the students to help them realize they can get back on track." 

"Topping 90 percent is great but it is not the final stop for the system," added Jackson. "Our mission is 'Destination Graduation for every child' and we will continue to seek continuous improvement across the system as long as there is even one child in danger of not making it to graduation day."