Glenwood mourns
Glenwood mourns the loss of Christi Mooney and Marsha Coleman
Posted on 09/05/2015
Glenwood Primary and the Glenwood/Armuchee community lost two champions of children with the death of Christi Mooney and Marsha Coleman in a car accident on Friday night.  The Glenwood staff, parents, students and community mourn the loss of the two educators who put their heart and soul into teaching kindergarten children at Glenwood Primary.

Christi Mooney, was a kindergarten teacher; and Marsha Coleman, a paraprofessional in Mooney's classroom.

The Floyd County family will pull together to support Glenwood on Tuesday when children return to school after the Labor Day holiday.  Teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals, office staff, lunch room workers, maintenance staff and central office personnel will be at Glenwood to do whatever is needed to assist at the school.  

"There will be staff from every primary and elementary school in the system and assistance from counselors from across the system," said Jill Shepherd, principal at Glenwood. "This is a wonderful gesture that will allow us to have as normal a day as possible for children and allow our staff to work through this difficult time together"

The extra counselors will be available for students and staff in need of support to deal with their emotions and grief.

Parents are being contacted today by Shepherd with a special message to inform them of the community's loss and support the school can provide for their children.  She will call each family with children in Ms. Mooney's and Ms. Coleman's classroom on Sunday to check on the children and discuss plans for the class.  

Parents know their children and are asked to watch for signs of concern that may warrant attention before school on Tuesday.  Parents may consult with their family minister or contact the school system at Parent Concerns for assistance over the weekend. 

Special message for parents from Jill Shepherd, principal of Glenwood:  
Primary family, this is Jill Shepherd, principal of Glenwood Primary.

This is a very difficult message but a tragic situation I wanted to make you aware of over this extended weekend before your children return to school on Tuesday.

We learned today about the untimely passing of two of our dedicated and caring staff.  Christi Mooney and Marsha Coleman, a teacher and paraprofessional from our kindergarten died in a car accident on Friday night. Please join me in extending condolences and prayers for these families and the families these wonderful ladies touched through their work in the classroom.

We have made counselors available to assist with any students who are struggling with this unfortunate news (if they may be available over the weekend put this info in here). Counselors will also be available to help when children return to school on Tuesday.  Due to the extended time before children return to school, you may want to consult with a family minister or faith leader this weekend. Please encourage your child to seek out an adult for help if they are having a hard time coping with the loss or if you sense there is a problem. 

We will take special care with these very young children from Ms. Mooney's and Ms Coleman's class and find the best possible individuals to help these children continue the journey of growth and learning in their Glenwood classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and expressions of concern for our Glenwood family at this difficult time.