2015 Academic Decathlon
Pepperell High wins Academic Decathlon
Posted on 01/15/2015

The Pepperell High Academic Decathlon team was crowned champions in the Floyd County Schools Academic Decathlon competition held at the Board of Education central office on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. Pepperell pulled away in the competition to outpace the traditionally strong Coosa High team.  Coosa has won 21 of the last 26 competitions. Daniel Lovell of Pepperell High was the highest scoring individual participant this year with 3780 total points. The theme for questions in this year's competition was New Alternatives in Energy: Ingenuity and Innovation.

The Pepperell High team members this year are: Collin Todd, Skyler Brooks, John Spranza, Sachi Askew, Daniel Lovell, Max Rampley, Donovan Rochester, Noah Rogers, and Alondra Borunda. The Pepperell team was led by coaches Tim Gillespie and Scott Wilson.

Pepperell High finished the day with 23,700 total points, Coosa High finished a close second with a total of 22,424 and Armuchee High came in third with 18,694 and Model High’s team totaled 16,765 points.  As the first place finisher, Pepperell High will now represent Floyd County Schools in the state competition in February The other three high schools will now wait to see if their point total will qualify as a Wild Card entry.  Wild Card entries are selected based on team point totals from local school system competitions across the state.  

The Academic Decathlon features three divisions of competition: Honors, Scholastic and Varsity. The academic contest features competitions in: literature, math, economics, social science, science, music, and art. 

Team Winners
First Place:  
Pepperell High School
Second Place: 
Coosa High School
Third Place: 
Armuchee High School

Individual division placements were:

Top Individual Scorer
Daniel Lovell, 
Pepperell High School

First Place Overall (individual)
Honors Daniel Lovell, Pepperell High
Scholastic -  
Devin Rhodes, Coosa High

Varsity – Skyler Brooks, Pepperell High


Second Place Overall (individual)

Honors -  Keiley Rowland, Coosa High
Scholastic – Dane Valentine, ModelHigh
Varsity -  Kris Bobo, Coosa High


Third Place Overall (individual)

Honors -  Noah Rogers, Pepperell High 
Scholastic -  
Alondra Borunda, Pepperell High
Varsity – Max Rampley, Pepperell High 


Overall individual category high scorers in the competition were:


Language and Literature

Honors: Noah Rogers, Pepperell High  

Scholastic:  Alondra Borunda, Pepperell High

Varsity: Skyler Brooks, Pepperell High 



Honors:  Alex Mitchell, Coosa High
Scholastic: Dane Valentine, Model High

Varsity: Natalee Jeffers, Armuchee High  



HonorsDaniel Lovell, Pepperell High   

Scholastic: Devin Rhodes, Coosa High  

Varsity: Skyler Brooks, Pepperell High 


Social Science

Honors: Daniel Lovell, Pepperell High   
Dequan Johnson, Coosa High 

Varsity: (tie) Max Rampley, Pepperell High and Kris Bobo, Coosa High 



Honors: Keiley Rowland, Coosa High

Scholastic: Devin Rhodes, Coosa High  

Varsity: Kris Bobo, Coosa High 



Honors: Daniel Lovell, Pepperell High   

Scholastic: Alondra Borunda, Pepperell High

Varsity: Max Rampley, Pepperell High



Honors: : Daniel Lovell, Pepperell High    Scholastic: DevinRhodes, Coosa High  

Varsity: Skyler Brooks, Pepperell High 

PHS Team

Pepperell Photo: Back Row Left to Right:  Collin Todd, Skyler Brooks, John Spranza, Sachi Askew  Front Row: Tim Gillespie (coach), Daniel Lovell, Max Rampley, Donovan Rochester, Noah Rogers, Alondra Borunda and Scott Wilson (coach)