System internal audit
Audit leads to additional compensation for some school system employees
Posted on 03/18/2014
McDanielIn conducting an internal audit instituted at the direction of Dr. Jeff McDaniel, superintendent of Floyd County Schools, the system discovered an issue related to compensation paid to some non-exempt employees.  As a result of the completed audit, Floyd County Schools is making corrections and issuing additional compensation to the affected employees.  The audit disclosed that, in some instances, employees either had not used accrued compensatory time or had not been properly paid for the time.
“Floyd County Schools is committed to employing quality individuals to ensure the best possible educational experience for our community’s children as we prepare them for great success beyond high school,” stated Dr. Jeff McDaniel, Superintendent of Floyd County Schools. “We are also committed to ensuring our employees are properly and fairly compensated for their work so what we are doing in paying additional compensation to these employees is deserving and just.”
As a part of the plan for remedying the issue discovered in the audit, Floyd County Schools issued 86 payroll checks on Tuesday to current and former employees found not to have been properly compensated over the past two years.  These checks totaled approximately $76,000 and these funds were paid from the system’s general contingency fund.  The school system is also implementing operational changes for the future.
“The Board of Education is committed to delivering a quality education for our children along with a quality workplace for all of our employees,” commented Terry Williamson, vice-chairman of the Floyd County Board of Education.  The board and superintendent are now revising policies, implementing operational changes, and planning system-wide training to ensure that all non-exempt employees are properly and timely compensated to ensure compliance with existing state and federal requirements.   “Every employee is an important part of our common aim in helping each child we serve to reach the goal of graduation with a quality education,” added Williamson.  He concluded, “In revisiting our policies, the board will ensure that the school-system’s operations make the best and most efficient use of our funding resources”