Family Math Night
Model Family Math Night: Challenging minds while having a good time
Posted on 02/21/2014
Parent and child

Popcorn, drinks, fun math games, and having a good time while learning; these are the ways children and parents described the Model Elementary Family Math Night held on Thursday, February 20. The math night involved Pre-K through fifth-grade students and their parents at Model.  Along with fun math lessons, there was popcorn, drinks, and even a drawing for door prizes at the end of the night. The goal of the family activity at Model Elementary is to get the families actively involved in the math lessons the students are taking over the course of the year.

There were different games available for each classroom. The fourth grade classroom game was called “Draw it Low”. This required cards to be made with a number zero through nine on each card, and making four sets of ten cards. The math problem was to draw cards out of the four sets and create a problem with the smallest difference using the math skills the students had learned in class.  The student with the lowest score won the game! 

Sarah Peek, a teacher at Model Elementary, assisted in coordinating the event.  She said, “It’s a great opportunity for the students to get involved and have a good time.” The students and parents even had a few mathematical creations they were allowed to take home at the end of the evening.