Graduation rate increase released by state
Floyd’s High School Graduation Rate Continues to Climb
Posted on 12/11/2013

The graduation rate from high schools in Floyd County Schools increased more than two percentage points over last year.  The rate has increased from 75.68 percent in 2012 to 78 percent in 2013 – and over five percentage points from 2011 when the rate was 71.49 percent.  This is the third year that Georgia has calculated the graduation rate using the adjusted cohort rate formula.  The rate was changed to align with a federal requirement that all 50 states us the same cohort formula. 

The report released by the state this morning shows that Floyd County Schools has continued to trend upward in the percentage of students reaching graduation.  The new figures also show the system well ahead of the state and moving forward at a faster pace.  The Georgia graduation rate over the three-year period has been: 67.5 percent, 2011; 69.7 percent, 2012; and 71.5 percent in 2013. 

“It is certainly good to see our schools trending upward and the percentage of increase shows a commitment from all school system personnel to making a major impact on the number of students reaching graduation,” said Superintendent Dr. Jeff McDaniel. “Our number-one priority from the very earliest grades in our schools to high school is graduating the children of our community prepared to meet the next challenge in life.  Quality graduates mean an improved quality of life for each young adult walking across the stage to receive a diploma, their families and our community.” 

Representatives from Floyd County Schools recently visited Clarksville/Montgomery County Schools in Clarksville, Tennessee to learn how a 100 percent graduation commitment had changed that community.  Clarksville government leaders, parents, community activists and school representatives shared how a commitment to graduating all students had pulled the community together and moved the graduation rate from a mid-70 percentage a few years ago to over 95 percent with the graduating class of 2012.  “We wanted to see what was working for the Clarksville community and what might help us to reach our goals in Floyd County,” stated McDaniel.  

Administrators, teachers, parents, business leaders and Local School Governance representatives from Floyd County Schools spent two days in late November in Clarksville visiting schools and talking with business leaders about initiatives to help more of the community’s to top resource – its children – to reach the goal of high school graduation.  “We are not satisfied with 80 percent or 90 percent of our students graduating prepared for the future,” added McDaniel. “Our sites are set much higher for each child in our schools.”     

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