Local Board appeals State Board action to overturn local decision
Board of Education appeals state reversal of personnel decision
Posted on 12/04/2013
Floyd County Schools is committed to helping the children of our community reach the goal of crossing the stage to receive their diploma on graduation day prepared for the challenges of life that lie ahead.  Our community came together a few short years ago and determined to reach that goal through the involvement of all citizens under a charter system of governance.  The community, parents, board, administration and teachers work together each day to find better ways to meet that challenge.  Local involvement, when legally permissible, has been the practice of Floyd County Schools in the past and is our intent for the future. Working together to improve the quality of education available to our children is what makes our school system and community strong.  No single tradition in public education is more deeply rooted than our community’s local control over the operation of our schools.  With that as our focus, the Floyd County Board of Education is appealing the State Board of Education’s recent action reversing our local board’s personnel decision.  

The Floyd County Board of Education believes the State Board’s decision seeks to interfere with or take away the broad flexibility granted to our local charter system by the General Assembly allowing Floyd County Schools to be more independent and freer from the State Board’s governmental controls.  The local team of community, parents and educators has been successful in making changes in our schools that benefit children.  Our Charter College and Career Academy is a model for the state, advanced academic programs in our schools are among the best in the area and the technological innovation allowing students to use their electronic devices from home to learn in the classroom was initiated by a parent on a Local School Governance Team. The charter community partnership is making a difference for the future of graduates from Floyd County Schools.

The very charter concept would dictate that a concern with the breakdown in the local governance structure of a charter system should originate with a local governance participant or with a Local Governance Team member addressing the situation with the Floyd County Board of Education.  No such issue has been addressed to the board from anyone involved in the local governance structure.  Concerns have only been addressed to the local board from the state level and from the State Board.  The board is troubled by the State Board’s ignoring the General Assembly’s blanket waiver granted to charter systems, and by the State Board’s conduct in unilaterally interpreting its own Charter Agreement as a tool to further empower the State Board to reverse our local district’s authority to control and manage the operations of the schools in our community.