School Nutrition Participation Awards presented by the state
Schools earn honors for number of students eating breakfast and lunch at school
Posted on 11/11/2013
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The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) has honored several Floyd County Schools for reaching a high level of student participation in the School Nutrition Program. During the 2011-2012 school year 74.4 percent of students in attendance in Georgia schools ate lunch each day and 36.2 percent ate breakfast. This participation rate is among the highest in the nation and schools honored far exceeded these impressive participation rates.

Alto Park Elementary, Garden Lakes Elementary, Johnson Elementary, McHenry Primary, Model Elementary, Pepperell Primary, Pepperell Elementary and Pepperell Middle earned recognition awards for participation in breakfast, lunch or both.  According to the Georgia Department of Education, schools that earned this distinction generally share two common characteristics: (1) administrators, faculty, and staff who support and participate in the program and who see the program as enhancing the learning process; and (2) many of these schools offer a wide variety of menu choices daily, allowing students a greater opportunity to select a nutritionally complete meal that they enjoy.

To earn the awards, schools were required to reach the following levels of participation: 

  • Elementary 86% Participation and above
  • Middle 89% Participation and above
  • High 72% Participation and above
  • Elementary 59% Participation and above
  • Middle 43% Participation and above
  • High 33% Participation and above

Schools from Floyd County and their actual level of participation were:

Alto Park
 - 88% Lunch

Garden Lakes - 91% Lunch

Johnson Elementary - 82% Breakfast and 88% Lunch

McHenry - 68% Breakfast and 93% Lunch

Model Elementary - 60% Breakfast and 89% Lunch

Pepperell Primary - 85% Lunch

Pepperell Elementary - 61% Breakfast and 89% Lunch

Pepperell Middle - 61% Breakfast and 89% Lunch 

Congratulations to school nutrition managers: Glenda Payne, Alto Park; Debbie Penney, Garden Lakes; Lori Sanders, Johnson; Shari Whaley, McHenry; Elaine Treglown, Model Elementary; Lisa Clements, Pepperell Primary; Karen Champion, Pepperell Elementary; and Cindy East, Pepperell Middle.  The managers were honored recently at a managers meeting at the Floyd County Board of Education office.  Retiring school nutrition employees from last year were also honored. Darlene LeCroy, former school nutrition manager at Glenwood Primary, received a commemorative plaque.  

“This recognition is a wonderful way to acknowledge the dedication of the school nutrition team at each school along with the administration, faculty and staff,” said Donna Carver, School Nutrition Director for Floyd County Schools. “Our aim is to not only serve nutritious meals; but also to educate our students towards habits of healthy choices that can develop healthy eating habits for a lifetime.” 

Participation Awards