Math teachers share knowledge with peers across the state
Teachers present at state math conference
Posted on 10/22/2013
Jennifer Greer

Jennifer Greer and Mandi Campbell, math teachers from Floyd County Schools, presented at the 2013 Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference at Rock Eagle, October 16 - 18. This was the 54thAnnual Georgia Mathematics Conference.  This year’s theme was: "2013 Equipping Lifelong Learners”.  Greer has taught math at Model High and is currently providing teacher training in math to other math teachers in Floyd County Schools.  Campbell is a math teacher at Pepperell Middle School. 

Attendees included over 2,000 mathematics educators from around the state. The math teachers gathered at the annual conference to attend sessions and workshops, covering all levels of mathematics from pre-K to college.  Presenters during the three-day conference represented many of Georgia’s schools and universities and included top speakers from across the country. 

Jennifer Greer's session, "Resource Revision Team Frameworks Update" focused on sharing the process and updates from the Georgia teachers who worked to update the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards Mathematics Framework Tasks over the summer.  Ms. Greer explained, "I really felt it was important for the teachers in Georgia to hear about the revisions made to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards frameworks and that they get the information from the actual teachers who worked on the revisions."

Attendees of the conference learned practices central to teaching the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards and discovered how to incorporate the latest technology in their classrooms, acquired strategies to address the needs of every student, and much more. Presentations focused on timely topics including: engaging students to become lifelong learners, creating STEM experiences in the classroom, and refining assessment techniques. Sessions were tailored to help the experienced teacher as well as the novice.  A special exhibit, Math Midway 2 Go (MM2GO) from the Museum of Mathematics in New York City was also featured at the conference for attendees to explore.

The Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (GCTM) is an affiliate of the 
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).  The organization is made up of nearly 2,500 Georgia classroom teachers from pre-school to graduate school in addition to non-teachers who just share an interest in mathematics education in the state of Georgia.

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