Online grade portal opens for parents
PowerSchool online grade program opens for parents on Tuesday, September 3
Posted on 08/28/2013
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Parents have been anxious to see their child’s grades as we started the new year and there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.  The online parent portal for the new student data system installed by the school system this year will be available to parents on Tuesday, September 3.

The system has replaced the i-Parent program used by parents in the past to view student grades.  The new program is called PowerSchool Parent Portal and will provide even better features to allow parents to check grades and attendance at their convenience.  The system will not only allow parents to track grades, but the online portal will also provide students with their own access codes to track grades as well.  The online grade system will be used by teachers in grades three through twelve.

The new PowerSchool program will feature free apps allowing  parents to access the system from their smartphone.   There are three apps for the PowerSchool program offered for Apple devices. While convenient, these apps
 are not necessary to use PowerSchool or the Parent Portal. The school system technology department has tested versions of these apps with mixed results.  If a parent elects to use an app, the school system will not be able to provide technical support because PowerSchool and Apple do not offer support for apps to the school system.  Parents can get more information about mobile apps on a section of PowerSchool’s website dedicated to mobile apps at:  

To ensure security of grades, parents will need to go to their local school to receive the access code to set-up an account and view grades.  If a parent has multiple children, an access code will need to be picked-up at each child’s school to view grades.  Parents will be able to link the children in the system for a single sign-on to see classes and grades for all their children.

If a parent has not received information about how to pick up access codes from a school, they are asked to please contact the school.