Online options for students
Online options for students
Posted on 08/23/2013
Students and parents in Georgia have online learning options as a result of legislation passed in 2012.  Senate Bill 289 allows students opportunities to take online courses. The legislation does not require an online course to graduate, but provides for online learning should a student or parent choose the option.  In addition, House Bill 175 passed in the same year establishing a clearinghouse for stakeholders to find online courses and online course providers in the state of Georgia.  

Senate Bill 289 requires school systems to notify students and parents of online options beginning this school year.  The legislation requires school districts to allow students to take an online course even if the course is offered in the local district.  If the online course is taken instead of any regular period class, then the school will pay for the course.  If an online course is chosen in addition to the regular school periods at a local school, the parent will have to pay for the course.  The source of the online course could be a state virtual school, local virtual schools or vendor online schools.

House Bill 175 mandates the creation of an online clearinghouse of online courses and online course providers to give parents and students the ability to search the clearinghouse for availability of online courses, online course providers and guidelines for what constitutes high quality online courses.

The state has developed the Georgia Online Clearinghouse that provides students and parents with information and access to high-quality academic and career-oriented courses, aligned to state and national standards, through a variety of online providers.  You can access the Georgia Clearinghouse at:

The Clearinghouse is very easy to use.  Step one: type in the course you need (for example 9th grade Literature).  Step two: type in your zip code.  You will then see a list of online providers in Georgia who offer the course.  Step three: contact the provider or access their website to register for the course.