Floyd County Board is recognized
Floyd County Board is recognized as a “Standards Local Board” and “Board of Distinction”
Posted on 11/17/2009
The Floyd County Board of Education has been recertified in compliance with Georgia School Boards Association’s “Standards for Local Boards of Education” and “Board of Distinction.” These are the highest honors for local boards of education recognized by The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) as Floyd County is one of 69 boards in Georgia recognized as a “Board of Distinction” GSBA developed the set of standards with which all local school boards may voluntarily choose to comply. Successfully completing this process of review communicates an individual local board’s intent that its operation be ethical and effective. “By continuing to examine and evaluate your board’s practices and policies, you are sending a clear message to the community, students and school system employees that you are serious about achievement at all levels,” stated Jeannie M. (Sis) Henry, executive director of GSBA. “The adoption and adherence to the GSBA Standards for Local Boards of Education improves the effectiveness and overall governance of the local school system by the local board of education.” 

The Standards are comprised of eight major components that encompass the primary elements of governing a local school system. The components are directly related to the school system’s strategic plan now available to the community online (Link to Floyd County’s Strategic Plan)

Those components are: 
  • Vision/Philosophy/Goals 
  • Systematic Improvement 
  • Organizational Structure 
  • Board Operations: Policy Development 
  • Board Operations: Board Meetings 
  • Board Operations: Personnel 
  • Board Operations: Financial Management 
  • Board/Staff/Community Relations 
The Georgia School Boards Association and the Georgia School Superintendents Association challenge local boards and superintendents to reach for a higher level of performance by implementing the Standards outlined in the GSBA process. Link to the Full Standards Document, which details each of the eight areas above. 

The Georgia Constitution calls for its public school systems to be governed by locally elected boards of education that appoint a superintendent, thus creating a leadership team for each school district. 

Educational best practices stress the importance of the local board of education and superintendent acting as a leadership team. In order for the leadership team to function properly, the team must plan cooperatively, work together, and trust each other while maintaining separate but united roles to accomplish stated goals. The goals set for the system by the superintendent and the board are available to the public on the system’s website. (Link to Superintendent’s goals) Most importantly, the team must continually evaluate its progress. The team’s focus must be to provide leadership, establish goals and develop an organizational structure to enhance continual improvement in the school district. The GSBA Standards for Local Boards of Education assists the leadership team in establishing and functioning as a “local” organized team to manage and improve the school district. 

The Standards assist the leadership team in establishing district vision, district goals, and developing local action plans for continual improvement in all areas. The Standards encourages a continuous improvement cycle, asking: 
  • Who are we? 
  • Where are we now? 
  • Where do we want to go? 
  • How will we know when we’ve arrived? 
  • How do we plan to get there? 
This cycle, combined with the implementation of the defined “Standard Areas of Responsibilities,” will ensure a functional “local” organizational structure, which empowers the leadership team to manage the school district. 

Local leadership teams that have complied with the Standards can move to a higher level of excellence by striving for and achieving the Board of Distinction classification. This classification requires a board operational structure that includes completing the Board/Leadership Team Self-Assessment, linked to a locally developed/adopted superintendent evaluation instrument, continuation of requirements of the standards and other additional criteria. Combined, this ensures a functional “local” organizational structure that empowers the leadership team to manage the school district as a Board of Distinction. 

This is the Floyd County Board of Education’s third recognition as a “Board of Distinction.”