President’s Address to Students
President’s Address to Students
Posted on 09/03/2009
On September 8, school children and teachers around the nation have been encouraged to participate in a special webcast from President Barack Obama addressing the nation’s school children. According to information from the United States Department of Education Web site, the president’s message will focus on the importance of education and encouraging children to strive to do well in school.

Floyd County Schools recognizes that this is an historic event because it is the first time a president has addressed the nation’s school children. While we have asked the principals to make the president’s address available for viewing, students will not be required to view the address nor will they be penalized if they choose not to participate.

Floyd County Schools is focused on teaching a rigorous curriculum based on the Georgia Performance Standards that is designed to prepare students to be successful and achieve their personal and educational goals. We understand that daily instructional time is very precious to each teacher. Therefore, classroom viewing of the president’s address will not be required. If the address fits into instructional plans, teachers may participate in the event in their classroom. Principals are also asked to make the address available for students and teachers to watch during non-instructional time.

The school system will notify all parents that President Obama’s speech will be made available at school and provide opportunity for each parent to determine if they wish for their child to participate in the activity. Parents will be informed of plans for the president’s address in advance and forms providing an opportunity for parents to choose for their child to opt-out of the activity will be sent home today or tomorrow. The forms will also be available online for parents to download. 

Families have the option of watching the president’s remarks with their children outside of school. The speech will be available on both the White House ( and CSPAN ( web sites after the address. Floyd County Schools encourages families to be there for your children and spend time at home discussing the importance of education and setting personal academic goals.

Parents may preview President Obama’s address to students on the White House Web site beginning Monday afternoon. You are invited to preview the address at
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