Teacher is 11 Alive Class Act
Pepperell Middle Teacher is 11 Alive Class Act
Posted on 08/28/2009
Rick Pryor, a technology education teacher at Pepperell Middle School, has been selected as an 11 Alive Class Act and will be featured on the Monday morning 11 Alive newscast on television channel 11. Mr. Pryor was interviewed and video taped in class for the television feature. He will also be featured on the news stations Web site at 11alive.com.

Mr. Pryor was nominated by a community mentor of a student at Pepperell Middle. In the nomination, the mentor wrote,” Each time I visit the student I mentor, she takes me with her to class. Although we have permission to spend our time together elsewhere, she chooses for us to spend the time in class with Mr. Pryor. My initial visit to his class was most memorable. He had invited a guest speaker to share with the class her story of how she became a business owner and baker. The lecture was wonderful, but the cake, even better! I remember several students discussed the possibilities for capital to start their own bakery.”

Mr. Pryor spent 28 years as a procurement professional before becoming a teacher. Helping his wife, a teacher at McHenry Primary, several years ago spurred an interest and desire in Pryor to be a part of a group of professionals that make such a difference. He said, “That is why I enjoy teaching middle school. This is the time students are making critical choices in their lives. I’m fortunate in that I get to have students all three years of middle school. I get to see them grow, and mature.” 

Mr. Pryor has spent the last five years at Pepperell Middle School. He tells his students, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.