Back-to-school activities
Back-to-school activities for Floyd County Schools
Posted on 07/17/2009
The first day of school is rapidly approaching for the 2009-2010 school year with students scheduled to return for the first day of school on Monday, August 3, 2009. That means registration, open house and meet-the-teacher activities will be coming up soon for local schools. List of back to school events.

New student pre-registration dates were announced earlier in the summer for Floyd County Schools. Pre-registration dates. This registration is just for students new to a school in the Floyd County School System this fall. If the student is attending a new school due to advancing in grade level (for example moving up to middle school from elementary school) and attended a feeder school last year of the school the student will be attending in the fall, registration is not required. 

Pre-Registration for students new to Floyd County Schools, including all primary, elementary, middle, and high schools, will be held at each school. This registration is for children new to the school system or children who are planning to attend a school they did not attend last year. To register, primary and elementary students must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, have an immunization certificate, an eye/ear/dental certificate, and a birth certificate. Middle and high school students must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, have an immunization certificate, and any records available from their previous school. 

The new school year will also bring changes at Model High and Model Elementary due to construction of the new Model High School. Construction activity will mean a change in traffic patterns for both Model High and Model Elementary. At Model High, all traffic entering the campus must use the entrance on Barron Road beside the school and located next to the football stadium. All parking will be in the rear of the school for staff, students and visitors. Student drop-off and pickup will also use the Barron Road entrance with students being dropped off or picked-up on the right side of the gym located behind the school. Those dropping off students will need to turn around in the parking area behind the school and exit on Barron Road as well. Only buses will go around the back of the school and exit in front of the school. Extra personnel will be on hand the first few days of school to help with traffic flow. All front entrances to the school are in a construction zone and will be closed this school year. Construction at Model High will also obstruct the old exit from Model Elementary so a new entrance and exit drive has been built for parent traffic. Parents are asked to please use the new entrance located in the middle of the school property. The old entrance to Model Elementary will now be used for bus traffic only. Parents are asked to please enter and exit on the new drive built in the middle of the school property in front of the school. Additional personnel will be on hand the first few days of school to help with traffic flow at both schools. 

Floyd County Schools is a “Be There” school system and encourages all parents and adults to be there for children at home, at school activities and everyday events. Complete information about back-to-school activities can be found of the Floyd County Schools Web site at
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