Mitchell earns Master Certification
Coosa Middle teacher Suzette Mitchell earns Master Teacher Certification
Posted on 05/22/2009
Suzette Timmons Mitchell, a teacher of gifted math at Coosa Middle School, has earned Master Teacher Certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The purpose of the Master Teacher Certification is to provide the statewide recognition to Georgia public school teachers who consistently demonstrate excellence that is defined by gains in student achievement by the children in the teacher’s classes.

Mrs. Mitchell has been teaching for 20 years and has been a teacher at Coosa Middle for 18 years. Mitchell said, “I am quite pleased but really this is a result of the success of my students.” Dr. Lisa Landrum, principals of Coosa Middle, credits Mitchell’s genuine enthusiasm and creativity she brings to her classroom everyday. “Mrs. Mitchell cares about her students and their learning, and it shows.” Dr. Landrum said, “Her students enjoy her classes and look forward to a great learning experience everyday.” 

The Georgia General Assembly passed legislation (Ga. Code Section 20-2-205) in 2005 authorizing the Professional Standards Commission (PSC) to establish the Georgia Master Teacher Certification Program. According to information on the Georgia Master Teacher Web site at, teachers must have at least three years of experience on a Georgia Clear Renewable Certificate to be eligible for the program.

  • The selection process for Georgia Master Teachers began in 2006. In the first three years of the program, 354 teachers throughout the state have achieved the designation of Master Teacher Certification, according to the program’s Web site. Teachers begin the process by submitting an application. The local school officials and central office staff verify that the application contains accurate information and that the applicant demonstrates the professional responsibilities necessary for the application to be submitted to the PSC. The superintendent, the applicant’s principal and two other reviewers at the district level sign a verification form ensuring that the application has been completed correctly. 
The application process opens November 1, 2008 and closes January 31, 2009. Applications are available for teachers in all curriculum areas in grades K-12. There are two categories of applications:
  • The first is for teachers in CRCT tested grade levels and subject areas. This group of teachers submits class rosters of students tested during the last two school years. The Office of Standards, Instruction, and Assessment analyzes the data from these two student cohorts, or groups, to determine if the results meet the achievement criteria specified in the application process. 
  • For the group of teachers who do not teach in CRCT tested grade levels and subject areas, an application based on teacher-submitted data is judged by State Review Team members selected by the PSC. Teachers in the non-CRCT tested grades levels and subject areas must submit student performance data from the previous academic year and the first semester of the current year.