PHS perfect attendance
PHS Graduate has thirteen years of perfect attendance
Posted on 05/18/2009
Many parents and children have as their goal to attain perfect attendance for a semester or grading period. Some even dare to achieve perfect attendance for a year. Logan Osborne, a senior at Pepperell High School, will complete his pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade journey with 13 years of perfect attendance on Friday. 

Osborne has spent his entire career in the Pepperell area starting in pre-kindergarten at Midway Primary School. He completed Midway with perfect attendance in pre-kindergarten, first, second and third-grade. He then attended Pepperell Elementary School where he was perfect in attendance for grades four and five. He was also perfect at Pepperell Middle for grades six, seven and eight. Osborne will complete his high school career this week without missing a day in the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth-grades. 

Logan Osborne also attended the Floyd County Schools College & Career Academy and participated in the Youth Apprenticeship Program in high school. He has accepted a full athletic scholarship to play football at Georgetown College in Kentucky and plans to study in the medical field or major in pre-med.