Lt. Governor Cagle’s Innovation
Students present at Lt. Governor Cagle’s Innovation in Education conference
Posted on 04/28/2009
Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle recently invited the Floyd County Schools Youth Apprenticeship Program to present at the "Innovation in Education" conference on April 17, 2009 in Atlanta, Ga. The presentation, titled " Industry Driving Education: Becoming the Engine for Economic Development", was organized by Melissa Pyle, Floyd County Schools Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator. The presentation was given in two packed sessions to business and education representatives from across the state as breakout sessions during the conference. 

During the presentation, Ms. Pyle along with a number of apprentices, parents, and business partner mentors spoke of their positive experiences with the Youth Apprenticeship Program. The presentation team members were as follows:
  1. Kayra Edwards, a PHS Senior, and her Mom, Dionne Morgan. Kayra is completing her apprenticeship with the law firm of Cox, Byington, Corwin, Niedrach, Smith, and Twyman. After high school graduation, Kayra will be attending North Carolina State University to study pre-law. Kayra plans to pursue her career in corporate law.
  2. Logan Osborne, a PHS Senior, and his parents, Vicki and Tommy Shaw. Logan is completing his apprenticeship with Rome Orthopedic Clinic under the direction of Dr. Charles May and Colin Matheny, PA. After high school graduation, Logan will be attending Georgetown College to study Biology in preparation for either medical school or physical therapy school.
  3. Marc Clouatre, a PHS Senior, and his Mom, Erica Jones. Marc is completing his apprenticeship with Georgia Power Company under the direction of Jerry Patty who also presented at the conference. Mr. Patty, Engineering Supervisor with the Customer Operations Division, is Marc's apprenticeship mentor. After high school graduation, Marc will be attending Southern Polytechnical University to study Electrical Engineering.
  4. Jeremy Rittenhouse, a PHS Senior, and his Dad, Roger Rittenhouse. Jeremy is completing his apprenticeship with Coosa Country Club under the direction of Executive Chef Matthew Wood who also presented at the conference. Chef Wood is Jeremy's apprenticeship mentor. After high school graduation, Jeremy will be attending the Art Institute of Atlanta to study Culinary Arts.
  5. Kevin Heling, General Manager of Brugg Wire Rope, LLC. Kevin is the apprenticeship mentor for Kyle Hollis, a MHS graduate. Kyle is currently attending Shorter College with a Business Administration major. At the conclusion of this school year, Kyle will transfer to Georgia State University. Kyle is currently the Human Resources Manager at Brugg Wire Rope. 
Each apprentice will continue to work at their respective sites after high school graduation and have committed to work a minimum of 2000 hours in order to fulfill requirements for completion of the Youth Apprenticeship Program. Upon completing the program, each apprentice will receive a "Certificate of Skills Mastery" by the Georgia Department of Education. The certificate is nationally-recognized.