Dollar General Grant
Model Middle receives a Dollar General grant for the school’s media center
Posted on 04/07/2009
Model Middle School has been awarded a Back-to-School grant from Dollar General Corp. to purchase books for the school library. The Back-to-School grant totaled $4,988.70 and was used to purchase new library books and Accelerated Reader tests. 

Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program that is used by many of our schools to encourage reading outside of normal class assignments. Books used in the program have corresponding computer tests that students can take after reading the book. If a student scores at the passing level after reading the book, the young reader is awarded points. The computer tracks the points and schools provide incentive rewards for students reaching target point levels. Accelerated Reader has increased the number of books children are reading. 

According to the Dollar General web site, the Dollar General Back-to-School Grants provide funding to assist schools in meeting some of the financial challenges they face in implementing new programs, or purchasing new equipment, materials or software for their school library or media center.