2009 Duke TIP
Nine qualify for Duke TIP recognition
Posted on 04/03/2009
Nine seventh-grade students from Floyd County Schools are now recognized among some of the most academically talented seventh graders in the U.S. The students are being recognized for their exceptional scores on the ACT or SAT by the Duke University Talent Identification Program’s (Duke TIP) 7th Grade Talent Search. The nine students qualified for state recognition as a result of their performance on the college entrance exams. 

39 seventh-graders from Floyd County Schools took the SAT or ACT this year as a part of the Duke TIP Program. The Duke program identifies students in sixteen states in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest who have scored in the 95th percentile on a grade-level achievement test. As part of the program, these academically talented students take above level college-entrance exams (SAT or ACT) to learn more about their abilities. 

Duke TIP hosts annual Recognition Ceremonies to honor the 7th graders who score highest on these SAT or ACT exams. The Talent Search is now in its twenty-ninth year and is the largest program of its kind in the nation, representing participation from 6,000 junior high and middle schools in the Duke TIP 16-state region. Over 1.5 million students have completed the Talent Search since its inception in 1980. The Talent Search identifies academically talented 7th graders based on standardized test scores achieved while attending elementary or middle school. Candidates are identified and invited to complete either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT Assessment college entrance examination. Duke TIP then provides the participants with comparative information concerning their academic abilities and resources for unique educational opportunities. 

The goal is to assist young people with excellent mathematical or verbal aptitude. Students are provided with information about their abilities and introduced to a network of services and programs. Students are encouraged to enroll for several reasons:
  • To pursue an above-level testing experience, which will provide them with more information about their academic abilities; this information can help teachers, parents, and students plan effectively for the coming high school years; 
  • To learn more about educational opportunities and options for the future.;
  • To receive recognition of their outstanding achievements.
The nine Floyd County students will be invited to attend one of the state recognition ceremonies held this spring to honor young scholars who have earned scores equal to or better than half the college-bound seniors who took the SAT or ACT. 

Floyd County students invited to the state recognition ceremony for 2009 include: 
  1. Kylee Daitz - Armuchee Middle School 
  2. Elijah Jenkins - Armuchee Middle School 
  3. Haley Patterson - Armuchee Middle School 
  4. Layton Hayes - Coosa Middle School 
  5. Lindsey Hardy - Model Middle School 
  6. Jake Massingill - Model Middle School 
  7. Hayden Owens - Pepperell Middle School. 
  8. Austin Rochester - Pepperell Middle School 
  9. Nolan Thompson – Pepperell Middle School 
The Grand Recognition Ceremony honors seventh graders who have earned scores equal to or better than 90% of college-bound seniors who took the same tests. The event will be held May 18 at Duke University in Durham, NC.