State textbook evaluation
Model High is state textbook evaluation site for state adoption process
Posted on 06/20/2013
Model High School will be the textbook evaluation site for for the Georgia Textbook/Instructional Materials Recommendation Program for the 14th Congressional District.  This will give area teachers and residents an opportunity to review textbooks being considered for adoption by the state.  This review period will feature English/language arts, reading and literacy textbooks for all grade levels. The textbooks and materials will be available for review Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  The site will be open Monday, June 24 - Thursday, June 27 and Monday, July 8 - Thursday, July 11.  The review center will be set-up in the Model High cafeteria.

Annually, the State Board of Education appoints committees to serve in an advisory capacity, coordinating the evaluation of texts submitted for recommendation in specified subject areas and making recommendation to the board for textbooks to be state recommended. The State Textbook Advisory Committee consists of professional educators and lay members, appointed from each congressional district and the state at-large.

Evaluations submitted at the Model High site will be considered by the State Textbook Advisory Committee as they evaluate all titles submitted by publishers.  The committee will complete their work in July and recommend to the state board those titles that meet predetermined criteria.  There are no numerical restrictions regarding the number of titles to be selected for state recommendation.  The determining factor governing recommendation is instructional quality.  The list of textbooks is submitted to the State Board of Education for inclusion on the state's recommended list, normally approved at the board's regular meeting in September or October.  A list of recommended textbooks is then prepared and distributed to Georgia school systems by January.

Teachers completing an evaluation of a textbook will be entered in a drawing to win materials from each company reviewed.