Egg-citing preparation
Egg-citing preparation for the CRCT Test for Armuchee Middle and Model Middle
Posted on 03/31/2009
Students in Floyd County Schools are taking the CRCT Test this week and this is not usually an exciting time for kids. However, teachers and students at Armuchee Middle and Model Middle got together for some unusual preparation recently to pep-up the preparation for the test. The two schools participated in a CRCT egg quiz – a combination Easter egg hunt and academic competition. 

Teams from the two schools met on the field at North Floyd Park across from Armuchee High. Approximately 2,000 plastic eggs with questions related to those that could be asked on the CRCT were spread out on the field. Teams gathered the eggs and received points if they could accurately answer the questions inside the eggs. Blue eggs earned a team one point while red eggs subtracted a point from the opposing school’s team. 

The eggs contained social studies, English, math and science questions to help prepare students for the CRCT. “Eighth-grade is a critical year when they have to pass the test,” said Armuchee Assistant Principal Becky McCoy. McCoy and Model Assistant Principal Steve Turrentine organized the event. Turrentine added, “This is a fun way to review but I am proud of the kids because they also worked hard.” The two hope to include more schools in next year’s event.

The Armuchee team came out on top in this first edition of the Egg Bowl. Armuchee scored 902 points to Model’s 826. The highest scoring team (the Orange Juicers) from Armuchee Middle School include the students: Keely Adams, Clay Atkinson, Reagan Biddy, Karli Boozer, Bennet Garland, Gabby Haithcock, and Zack Little.