District Citizenship Teacher
Cave Spring Teacher selected District Citizenship Teacher
Posted on 03/04/2009
Jeb Arp, a fourth and fifth-grade multiage teacher at Cave Spring Elementary, has been selected as the District 7 National Citizenship Education Teacher for 2008-2009. 

Mr. Arp participated in the competition as a result of being selected A Veterans of Foreign Wars National Citizenship Teacher by local VFW Post 4911. 

Mr. Arp begins each school year with a class meeting where his class democratically set the rules the class will follow for the year. He promotes civic responsibility by encouraging his students to apply for specific jobs within the classroom. The children must also apply and interview for the jobs. The children are paid each week with "Arp Bucks." With this money, children pay rent on their desks, they pay taxes and they may purchase a pass to special activities. Mr. Arp acts as "King Jeb" and levies taxes on the children. The students begin to realize that they are being taxed unfairly and begin a revolution to remove "King Jeb" as ruler. Mr. Arp prepares his students for citizenship and for how to take part in civic responsibilities. 

Mr. Arp's VFW nomination states: We know that civic education is essential in sustaining our democratic society. Mr. Arp is teaching his students, and thus affecting the society of America, that effort and commitment should be placed on being citizens of this great nation. He is leaving a lasting impression on his students and on our society.